indexChallenge Topic:Which image data were used for this reconstruction?Start Frame (particle orientation)End Frame (particle orientation)Start Frame (final map)End Frame (final map)Did you use particle coordinates that were provided? (corrected)How many particle images were initially selected?Was 2D classification performed?Were other particle screening method(s) used?Was 3D classification performed?Was local drift corrected in particle images before map refinement?Was exposure weighting performed on particle images before map refinement?What was the approximate CPU usage at this stage (before refinement)?How many particle images were included at the start of map refinement?How many particle images were included in the final map?Was local drift in particle images corrected at this stage?Was exposure weighting performed at this stage?Map Refinement CPU UsageMap resolutionHow was the map resolution determined? (annotated)What was the temperature factor applied?Map Filtering (annotated)Mask submittedVoxel sizeWas any other type of map validation performed?
102Brome Mosaic Virusraw frames237237no38051yesnoyesyesyes50003376133761yesyes50003.5gold standard FSC, 0.143-198noneyes0.99no
110Brome Mosaic Virusraw frames036036yes (initial)35007yesyesnoyesyes2503500818615nono26004gold standard FSC, 0.1430FSC-weightingyes0.99yes
136Brome Mosaic Virusraw frames236236yes (initial)35086nonononono03508635086nono140004.2gold standard FSC, 0.143302.296low passyes0.99yes
137Brome Mosaic Virusraw frames236236yes (initial)35086nonononono03508635086nono50004gold standard FSC, 0.143247.443low passyes0.99yes
140Brome Mosaic Virusraw frames212212yes (initial)35086nonononono03508635086nono80003.6gold standard FSC, 0.143221.791low passyes0.99no
142Brome Mosaic Virusraw frames236236yes (initial)35086nonononono03508635086nono63003.7gold standard FSC, 0.143221.383low passyes0.99no
152Brome Mosaic Virussummed particle stacksn/an/an/an/ano30429nonononono103042919287nono250003.9gold standard FSC, 0.143200noneno0.9741no