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Revised Map Challenge Maps/Info Now Available by FTP

At the request of several Map Challenge participants we enabled submission of revised maps/info for 2016 Map Challenge entries in the period between mid-October 2017 and mid-January 2018. We offered this so that updated maps could be archived and referenced, e.g. as part of a contribution to the planned journal special issue.

Submissions included:

  • revised final unfiltered map
  • revised final filtered map
  • revised even and odd half-maps
  • revised mask (optional)
  • revised particle parameters (optional)
  • text description of how the workflow for the update differs from the original submission, with final resolution obtained.

11 entries were updated:

BetaGal BMV Ferritin GroEL Proteasome Ribosome TRPVI
emcd110_BMV emcd155_Ferritin emcd158_GroEL emcd103_Proteasome
emcd111_Ribosome emcd146_TRPVI


The revised files/info can be accessed at

 Update 2/27/2018: the updated map files are now also available in version 1.1 of the map challenge zenodo archive

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