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Map Challenge Summary Statistics & Charts



Distribution Charts for the Submitted Data (click on any image to view it at full size):

By Target By Reconstruction Software By Image Data Source

By Use of Provided Particle Coordinates (excluding GroEL)

image image
By Use of Particle Classification By Use of Local Drift Correction (for raw image frame data) By Use of Particle Exposure Weighting (excluding GroEL) CPU Usage Sorted by Target
image image  


Challenge Topic:

Brome Mosaic Virus 7
Apo-ferritin 8
TRPVI Channel 8
80S Ribosome 13
20S Proteasome 9
beta-Galactosidase 12
GroEL Simulated Data 9


Which image data were used for this reconstruction? (n/a for GroEL)

raw frames 45
summed micrographs 4
summed particle stacks 8


Did you use particle coordinates that were provided with the image data? (n/a for GroEL)

yes (initial particle coordinates) 29
yes (final particle coordinates) 10
no 18


Was 2D classification performed?

yes 34
no 32


Were other particle screening method(s) used?

yes 10
no 56


Was 3D classification performed?

yes 19
no 47


Was local drift corrected in particle images before map refinement? (for 45 entries using raw frames)

yes 14
no 31


Was exposure weighting performed on particle images before map refinement?

yes 17
no 49


Was local drift in particle images corrected at [refinement] stage? (for 45 entries using raw frames)

yes 8
no 37


Was exposure weighting performed at [refinement] stage?

yes 13
no 53


Was any other type of map validation performed?

yes 27
no 39

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