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Metadata Handling for Blind Assessment

The table below summarizes the data being released/suppressed for the 2016 map challenge during the blind assessment period.

Released Metadata Suppressed Metadata
  • Challenge Topic

  • Which image data were used for this reconstruction?

  • Start/End Frame  for particle orientation

  • Start/End Frame  for final map

  • Did you use particle coordinates that were provided with the image data?

  • How many particle images were initially selected?

  • Was 2D classification performed?

  • Were other particle screening method(s) used?

  • Was 3D classification performed?

  • Was local drift corrected in particle images before map refinement?

  • Was exposure weighting performed on particle images before map refinement?

  • What was the approximate CPU usage at this stage (before refinement)?

  • How many particle images were included at the start of map refinement?

  • How many particle images were included in the final map?

  • Was local drift in particle images corrected at this stage?

  • Was exposure weighting performed at this stage?

  • Map Refinement CPU Usage

  • Map resolution

  • How was the map resolution determined? (annotated)

  • What was the temperature factor applied?

  • Any Additional Filters applied to the map? (annotated)

  • Was any other type of map validation performed?

  • Mask submitted?

  • Map Voxel size   

  • Submitter name

  • Entry title

  • What software was used for frame alignment?

  • How was frame alignment performed?

  • How were CTF parameters determined?

  • How was CTF correction performed?

  • Were any other corrections performed on the images?

  • How were the particle images selected?

  • How was the initial model generated (e.g. from a published map or model)?

  • 2D Classification Software / Details

  • Other Particle Screening Details

  • 3D Classification Software / Details

  • Local Drift Correction Software / Details (2D)

  • Exposure Weighting Details

  • Map Refinement Software / Other / Version / Details

  • Local Drift Correction Details (3D)

  • Exposure Weighting Details (3D)

  • How was the map resolution determined?

  • Were any additional filters applied?

  • Please describe how the map was validated

  • Computational Resources

  • Any Additional Details

  • Final Particle Parameters (uploaded files)
  • Map Header Label Field (from uploaded files)

EMDataResource Validation Challenges are supported by NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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