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Model Challenge How to Participate

All members of the Scientific Community--at all levels of experience--are invited to participate as Challengers, and/or as Assessors.

Challengers will create and submit their own atomic coordinate models of one or more challenge targets using the supplied target maps.

There are four modelling categories:

  1. Optimize the current cryoEM model for the target, improving fit to the cryo-EM map density and/or model stereochemistry
  2. Fit known related cryoEM, crystallographic, or comparative models to the cryo-EM map, optionally followed by model optimization
  3. Ab initio model building, without reference to any existing cryo-EM or crystallographic models related to the cryo-EM map
  4. Any other method that seeks to interpret, or create a model based on, the cryo-EM map

For each submission, challengers will provide their final model, target map (if modified from original), and basic information about their modelling process. Researchers are expected to disclose all of the prior information used in their method. For full challenge rules and additional information see the model challenge guide.

Assessors will contribute to the challenge assessment phase.  Following a short initial review period by the model committee, challenge data and files will be made publicly available (entry authorship suppressed) for anyone to assess. The intention is to enable comparisons of the various modelling methodologies available and their options in a positive spirit.  Assessors will be able to share their results via a planned workshop (~Fall 2016) as well as manuscript submissions to a Journal special issue.

****All participants--challengers and assessors--are required to register****

EMDataResource Validation Challenges are supported by NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Please send your challenge questions, comments and feedback to

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