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Map Challenge Timeline


JAN-JUN 2015
Jan-May Map Committee meets monthly to identify challenge targets, goals, and parameters
Mar-May Requests to 3DEM community members for public deposition of raw image Datasets; website development
July 1 Raw image data for all targets available for download at EMPIAR
JUL 2015-APR 2016
July Pre-Challenge Announcement, Challenger and Assessor Registration Opens
August 1 Map Submission Opens
Nov 9-20 Registered Participants may apply for SDSC Gordon Supercomputer Usage
April 1-2 Map Challenge Committee satellite discussion @ International CryoEM Image Analysis Symposium (Lake Tahoe, CA)
 Apr 15 Map Submission Closes @ 21:00 UTC
May-August Challenge Data initial assessments, metadata extraction, preparation for release (Map Committee)
Review Period (Map Committee)
4 Nov 2016-30 Apr 2017 Assessors invited to perform analyses and comment on Released Data (Blinded)
6 June 2017 Map Submission Data UnBlinded
June - Sept 2017 Analysis of Assessments with full metadata
Oct 6-8 2017
2 day Workshop for all challenge participants -- Committee, Challengers, Assessors
Post-workshop Challenge Writeups (multiple articles) for  Journal Special Issue

EMDataResource Validation Challenges are supported by NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Please send your challenge questions, comments and feedback to

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