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Model Metrics Challenge Submission


Tuesday May 28, 3:30 PM: This form is now closed. If you need to edit a submission and are unable to do so, please send an email.

  1. Before doing anything else, carefully check your coordinate file. It can be in either PDB or mmCIF format, but should contain only atom/hetatm records with sequence, chain ids, residue numbering, and position as indicated in the instructionsMake sure to remove all remarks that identify users and/or software used (ensures blinded initial release for assessment).
  2. Next, go to PDBextract to deposit your model.  Select "EM" method and upload the file. Don't fill in any info on the second page, just submit and go to the next step below.
  3. Copy THE FULL LINK to your PDBextract-generated output cif file, and paste the link in the PDBextract link box in the form below
  4. Fill out the remaining requested information as completely as possible.  Use "next page" "previous page" buttons to navigate the form (warning: using browser navigation may reset your submission). You will have an opportunity to review all of your answers prior to submission.

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EMDataResource Validation Challenges are supported by NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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