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JSB Special Issue

All of the articles that will appear in the Journal of Structural Biology Special Issue on the CryoEM Map and Model Challenges have now been accepted for publication and are either already online or will shortly appear there, as listed below.  Click here or below for access. Many thanks to all who have contributed!

Special Issue Title: The CryoEM Structure Map and Model Challenges


Map Challenge

Map Challenge Assessment

Model Challenge

Model Challenge Assessment

Related Datasets

  • Kryshtafovych, A., Adams, P.D., Lawson, C.L., Chiu, W., 2018. Distribution of evaluation scores for the models submitted to the second cryo-EM model challenge, Data in Brief.
  • Lawson, C.L., Chiu, W., Carragher, B., Carazo, J.-M., Jiang, W., Patwardhan, A., Rubinstein, J., Rosenthal, P., Sun, F., Vonck, J., Bai, X., Bell, J., Caputo, N., Chakraborty, A., Chen, D.-H., Chen, J., Diaz-Avalos, R., Donati, L., Estrozi, L., Galaz Montoya, J., Gati, C., Gomez-Blanco, J., Grigorieff, N., Gros, P., Heymann, B., Leith, A., Li, F., Ludtke, S., Nans, A., Nilchian, M., Punjabi, A., Sixma, T., Tegunov, D., Yang, K., Yu, G., Zhang, J., Sala, R., 2017. CryoEM Maps and Associated Data Submitted to the 2015/2016 EMDataBank Map Challenge. version 1.1, Zenodo.
  • Lawson, C.L., Kryshtafovych, A., Chiu, W., Adams, P., Brünger, A., Kleywegt, G., Patwardhan, A., Read, R., Schwede, T., Topf, M., Afonine, P., Avaylon, J., Baker, M., Braun, T., Cao, W., Chittori, S., Croll, T., DiMaio, F., Frenz, B., Grudinin, S., Hoffmann, A., Hryc, C., Joseph, A.P., Kawabata, T., Kihara, D., Mao, B., Matthies, D., McGreevy, R., Nakamura, H., Nakamura, S., Nguyen, L., Schroeder, G., Shekhar, M., Shimizu, K., Singharoy, A., Sobolev, O., Tajkhorshid, E., Teo, I., Terashi, G., Terwilliger, T., Wang, K., Yu, I., Zhou, H., Sala, R., 2018. CryoEM Models and Associated Data Submitted to the 2015/2016 EMDataBank Model Challenge. version 1.1, Zenodo.


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